Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Governor Schwarzeneggers view on Climate change and If You Cared

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called on cities, states and other "sub-national" governments to become an important force of tackling climate change problems at a public speech on Tuesday.
He urged them not to wait for a binding deal before taking action to curb emissions. "International agreements, as critical as they are, will never do enough," he said, adding that he hoped to see an ambitious deal signed at the end of the Copenhagen climate change conference.
He also believed national governments cannot solve the problem of climate change without the help of local governments. "The world's governments alone cannot make the progress that is needed on global climate change," he said. "They need the cities, the states, the provinces, the regions. They need the corporations, the activists, the scientists, the universities… And many things have been done at the sub-national level."
Schwarzenegger also suggested the bottom-up ways to address the climate issue. "Movement began with people, when it gets strong enough, the government will listen to it," he said.
"I would like to ask the UN to convene a climate summit like the one in Copenhagen, but for states, provinces and regions, and I would be very happy to hold the summit in California," Schwarzenegger said.

                  Okay Mr. Governor,  you have your own state problems ,now get to work, do your job, and  get your state working again  and out of debt.  When California is looking better, maybe someone will listen to your opinions on the climate of the planet and your view of the world, I said maybe!


  1. It seems Arnie is smoking something other than cigars.

  2. I agree LabCat, he's a fine one to be giving advice. Calif. is the WORST state (besides IL) with job losses and too many other problems to mention. He needs to take care of his state.
    Love the photoshop of e-t


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