Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If you have a camera on your fishing boat will you catch more fish???

   Has anyone besides me noticed more and more cameras being installed on traffic light pole?  I love taking pictures myself and cameras can be a good security tool.  I just think we might be going "overboard"
on the surveillance.  I would love the option to install a camera at those White House closed door meetings for some transparency of my own.

Britain’s fishermen are to be offered extra catches next year if they agree to fit “big brother” closed-circuit television cameras on to their boats to monitor conservation measures.
The plan was part of an EU deal struck last night on fisheries cutbacks amid continued warnings that dwindling stocks of species need more time to recover.
All fleets face reductions in catch quotas next year, but those accepting cameras — three per vessel — can add 5 per cent to their share.

                    Call me paranoid...........just wondering where the next camera will show up and if anyone will notice......  who is looking at you, why, and is right?


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  1. KC has more cameras mounted than they can manage. Most of the photos taken are dumped and never examined but the company who installed them still gets a monthly check.

    In other news, in areas of KC that are "economically depressed", these cameras are now targets for gangbangers. A car stops at a light, someone leans out the window with his face covered and a pistol in his hand. Bang! No more camera.

    Heh! The KC city council were told these cameras would be positive revenue generators.



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