Friday, September 25, 2009

Biden says jobs have been created.......yippee

  Yesterday our Vice President Biden said the stimulus is working and applauded all the new jobs that have been created.  It must be so then.

Well, sorry Joe, I beg to differ.  The only job creation I have seen is in the government, 25,000 jobs to be exact.
With revenues down, where will the money to pay for these new jobs come from?  Cities and towns are fighting with unions in regards to layoffs of police and fire department employees.  This is a hard decision but it must be done.  Those 'heavy on the perks' contracts given to police and fire can not be sustained.

Can you tell me where the new jobs have been created.  The news today is Ford will be building a new plant in China next year to build their Ford Taurus.  Well there goes more good paying American jobs overseas!
Ford was my last chance to choose a car from a company that did not take tarp money.  One answer is that it is too expensive to continue to do business in America and with that said, we are on a downward spiral with nothing to look forward to but Obama to continue indefinitely to hand out the unemployment checks to the unemployed.  Sound bleak.....well yes it is.  Get ready for the inflation shoe to drop next.  Here is hoping we do not run out of ink or trees to use to print that useless piece of paper we call dollar that is backed up by nothing.


  1. What's even more hysterical is that Biden believes his opinions are taken seriously.

  2. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon attended the teleconference and tried to get a delay. Why? Because there is NO GOOD NEWS! The unemployment rate today is 3 percentage points higher than when BO first took office.

    There has been no gain. There has been no jobs saved, except perhaps for some government works and a few union members.

    So, Joe. I believe you said your ass was on the line? You and your dem buddies put it there.

  3. Unemployment in Southern California is at around 13% and rising. That doesn't include self-employed people who have been put out of business who didn't qualify for unemployment insurance. Biden needs to be put on his meds and kept in a dark, quiet hospital room.


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