Thursday, September 24, 2009

Empty Rooms at the Hyatt in Boston

Gov. Deval Patrick has threatened to boycott Hyatt Corp. hotels if the chain does not rehire housekeeping staff it abruptly laid off Aug. 31 to be replaced by a contract housekeeping service.
In a prepared statement issued Wednesday, Hyatt fired back at Patrick's public reprimand, warning that a boycott of its hotels could put additional Masschusetts jobs at risk.

This is still America and I feel badly when anyone looses a job.  The governor of Massachusetts has way too much to deal with as apposed to telling a company how to run its business.  All employers must do what needs to be done and make some tough decisions best suited to keep a company running.  I know politicians like to sing the praises of unions because that is their base vote.  Not all unions are all right all of the time.
The next you know, government will want to control wages for some of our private companies, and bank executives.  I am sorry, but I am a capitalist. We are creating a country of poor people and poor people to not hire anyone.



  1. The ObamaNation needs to be stopped.

  2. A couple of thousand employees at my employer recently changed badges. They now work for another company doing the same job as before.

    I admit, I'm a bit foggy how this was supposed to save money since those employees are being paid at the same rate and had their numbers trimmed last Spring before the big switch.

    We're already feeling the effects of too much work and not enough hands to it.

  3. Crucis, I think some of this is just union concerns. In our company we deal with employees as individuals and we do not have to deal with talking heads of unions that speak for all. One of our now government goals is to make the unions stronger to get their vote. (Seiu,UAW)

  4. Yes, LL, Everything OBama has to be stopped.


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