Monday, August 24, 2009

Rationing Health Care Is Not a Fairy Tale..It Will Happen

“We have to sharpen our act up, in deciding which patients get chemotherapy, prescribing it, checking the patient before the next course, and providing information for patients and carers,” he added. “We need to make sure that we are not giving chemotherapy in those cases when frankly, it would do no good, and can do harm.” How will the Obama care deal with cancer patients? Just thinking of the British plan and not really wanting a government appointed Czar of Health making the call for me or any of my family members. I also hear our representatives will not have to avail themselves to any 'public option' when it comes to taking care of their medical needs, lets say, like brain cancer! According to all accounts I have seen (Charlie Schumer, NY) the elected have dismissed all town hall meeting demonstrations this summer. It is like we have not shown up, we have not been heard, and we did not make a difference? If these Senators and Reps decide to bypass the Republicans, I fear hell will be to pay...
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