Monday, August 24, 2009

Lockerbie release could topple Scottish government - Times Online Scotland’s government faces a fight for its survival as the furore over its decision to free the Lockerbie bomber escalated last night. This story is not going away soon. This criminal has not only been released from Scotland jail, but seems he is also writing a book. Now, who will provit from the book and I thought he was on deaths door and soon to be dead. I also have not heard much said from Prime Minister Brown or from our fearless leader President Obama. It is stating to look like this man was used, as others have been in the past, as barter for the British Government and its dealings with Lybia.

Mr Salmond, who appeared chastened by the global criticism of his administration, explained the decision in a radio interview. He said: “We understand the upset. We understand the disagreement. But we have to do what is right in terms of our legal system, not on the basis of commercial or political interests. That is what we are duty-bound to do. We didn’t do it to court popularity.”

I say; "rubbish!!!"
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