Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who Are The Rich?

A novel idea from our business experts in the government: Tax the rich Please if you could tell me who are the rich? What makes you rich? If you make over $250,000.00, support your wife and three kids, own a car, pay your mortgage, pay your credit cards, pay your medical insurance, and are legal citizen of the US, are you rich? If you are a business owner who employees legal workers so they can support their families, are you rich? It was the 'American Dream' growing up in a free society with the ability to better yourself, have a goal in life, and maybe become 'rich'. Well, tax the rich if you must but we are becoming a country of poor, not rich. And when the rich are no longer rich or if there is no way to become rich, who will pay for the poor? I know, lots of questions and lots of food for thought. "The Meek Shall Inherit The World " and who will pay for them?
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  1. This is a great post. I saw a blog post a while back that people earning 250k to 500k are not rich. They are HENRYs, High Earners, Not Rich Yet. They pay for many goods, services and private schools for their kids. They employ others in their businesses. The anvil that is dropping on this country, courtesy of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others, is aimed at crushing the rich and the HENRYs.

    The funny/sad part is when everybody looks around, bewildered, wondering where all the jobs are. Where all the tax base went. Look to California for a taste of the future. Businesses were chased out by punishing taxes and regulations. Illegals poured in. Now there is little tax money to pay for anything, and they are laying off teachers and increasing class sizes. Poverty for ALL. What beautiful Hope and Change. Not.

  2. Very nicely said, Di, or nicely asked... Funny, when all the business owners, people who're doing the right things, productive citizens are soaked through confiscatory taxation, there won't be anymore 'wealth' to redistribute. What are the 'poor' gonna do then? Oh yeah, riot in the streets. I forgot.

    Hold onto your hats, folks. Or as my NRA friends might say, "Keep your powder dry."

    Thanks for the follow, Di!

  3. Good questions. Equality for all. Soon everbody will be on the dole. Thanks for the follow.

  4. Hello Lady Di:
    Thanks for finding and following me! I've become a reader of yours now too!

    The jerks running this country want to TOTALLY eliminate the Middle Class (who they falsely classify as "rich"). Then it will just be the Rich (Rulers) & the Poor. They will keep in power by giving handouts to all their leeches, a ready made voting block that breed faster than roaches.

    I for one am getting sick of this crap. They are eliminating family run small businesses, esp. if this Health "care" Crap gets passed.
    What the heck is the point of working hard and knocking yourself out, trying to provide jobs and such, if "big bro" takes it all away?

    The Iron Lady, Maggie T.'s quote is very relevant today more than ever! I feel like moving to Texas, swimming across the Rio, and showing up with my palm out...I'll probably be better off than I am now.

    Opus # 6 Henry's, I've never heard of them, but I see how they are being targeted. Dropping an anvil, exactly. My head hurts just reading about all this. Bad times ahead, and getting worse every day!


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