Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's over

Let me start by saying progress is a good thing. Now let me go on. Our elected officials have done us wrong by way of telling the masses that the other guy will pay for all or their services. Now this is why I believe the end is near. Some of us know that these policies are not sustainable. I would like to just single out this new medical care for all. Why does the government need to pay for everyone's insurance? The answer is because people can not afford to pay for it themselves and the officials will get re-elected. Why are the people unable to pay for medical insurance? Because they have no good paying job, which leads you back to government laws, restrictions, and regulations. The people who listen to these politicians and believe them are in for a rude awakening. Are they not like the lemmings? Keep the masses believing. Keep the illegal immigrants coming. Keep the ignorant ignorant. We call to the politicians, they don't hear. We write to the politicians, they do not read. Now, change my mind, please......
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  1. If I ran into the surf following Nancy Pelosi, I wonder which one of us would swim out? And which one would wash up on the beach, bloated, days later?

  2. Oh, honey, I wish I had info contrary to your post. I don't. I am scared to death about this health care debacle.

  3. This is their plan all along...make a welfare state and they will remain in power because everyone will be dependent on them.


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