Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our country is becoming Socialist or Communist?

I say this because people believe that voting will separate us from communist countries. If our officials keep making more poor people than rich and more illegal immigrants, these new voters will sway all of our elections because they believe there is something for nothing. Our high schools have a 25% drop out rate, our economy is service oriented. The Chinese and Indians realize that to build wealth for all their people, they must have heavy manufacturing. This in turn creates good paying jobs and everyone's standard of living goes up. Sound familiar ? It should, because that is how America got started. Too bad we don't still do these things. The Indians and the Chinese may not have as clean an environment but they have better educated and employed people. And as a side note, they also have all the wealth and all that it can buy, investments, social programs, and a higher standard of living for its people. So I say be real sure you want to regulate to death: manufacturing, fishing, forestry, mining, oil expiration, and all that made this the country great for all who came. CAPITALISM going to socialized medicine government owned companies elected leaders - do what they please trying to take guns away Patriot Act
COMMUNISM socialized medicine government owned companies not elected leaders - do what they please took away all guns Patriot Act - all the time
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  1. I tend to think Obama is overstepping just socialism. His rate is so frantic that I don't think he is going to settle for partial socialism.

  2. I am going with socilism with a dash of fascism, but with a smile.


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