Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Believe your Lying Eyes

    Been checking out the tape of Congressman Bob Etheridge and came upon the spin from msnbc.  To hear the commentator tell the story, you would think the camera people were to blame. And let us also remember the injustice going back to the ACORN entrapment while we have your attention.
   Congress man Bob Etheridge is just the newest poster boy for term limits.  He has been in office since 1997, please push aside and give him his well earned spot in the unemployment line with the other unemployed who by now were to have good paying jobs....


  1. He grabbed the kid for the kid's own safety -- yeah, that's how it happened. Bob is a hero if you listen to MSNBC.

    He's an embarrassment to the American people. Somebody like that is NOT FIT to hold office.

  2. If nothing happens to Ethridge, this shows that we are truly lost as a nation and need to quickly find our path.

    He should be brought up on assault charges immediately. I'm not sure what the spin does except show what a left wing hack channel msnbc truly is.


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