Monday, June 14, 2010

Canada having a Tea Party?

     We are the world and the world is in deep with nowhere to hide. That said, people are looking at the elected officials that are the cause and are finding new candidates to oust the liberals and their backers.....

“On Oct. 25, when I am elected mayor, my colleagues will have to learn that it’s time to turn off the lights, because the party with taxpayers’ money is over,” he said.
Mr. Ford has said, if elected, he would cut his mayor’s salary of $167,769 by 10% and freeze it for four years. He has also criticized perks enjoyed by councillors, such as free passes to the zoo and Metropasses.
His campaign manager and brother Doug Ford called the poll “encouraging,” adding it showed that Torontonians are “tired of how the city has been run for the past eight years.

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