Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween or Government holiday which is more scary

I have lived through many US presidents, some of which were even been helpful to small business and job creators in general, this one I find is the most divisive along with setting our country back at least 30 years.
It is starting to show that Obamacare will cost the average taxpayer more money, not less.  Those who do not pay taxes and are on public assistance and who are here illegally never paid for health insurance and just showed up at emergency rooms and were cared for.  So who the hell do you think is going to pay for your insurance on the Obamacare plan, me. Nothing is free.  I did not need the government to tell me to pay for insurance as I have been paying for mine along with my employees for over 40 years.  Forty years ago it was call a 'benefit' not a tax as clarified by the few human beings who sit on the Supreme Court.
Now as far as the closing of the government and the government holiday for it's employees; if these folks are 'non-essential' then why do we need them?  Good opportunity to close some agencies and make smaller the office.
Here in Salem Mass all hell (pun intended) broke out and the main stream media went in full force to say that Halloween would surely be canceled because the government information offices would be closed. Really?  As with the parks and Old Ironsides, volunteers stepped forward to fill the bill sort of speak and scary characters are roaming the streets of Salem as I speak some are even politicians!

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