Monday, September 9, 2013

Keep your eyes on the curtain and what's behind it



 Soon will be another anniversary of 911 and the Benghazi rumor.  In the eyes of the world today we are a weaker country.  This president said he would change us and he has. We are weaker, poorer, dumber; careful what you wish for.
  Yes, some will watch his speech on Tuesday night as he attempts to persuade those already not on the new war bandwagon to climb aboard while the same time he will show how upset about the happenings in the Middle East he is.  Hell, where has he been the past 4 years?   I will call my Senators and ask them to put me in the no column on still another 'war' we will not win.  We are to support people who hate us and are killing Christians and eating hearts of their enemies?
  Please pay attention to what is happening in our own country and how we are told that bigger government is what we should be happy with.  Obamacare, illegal immigration, gun control, and how fat we have become are the issues to consider after we say no we are not the world's peacekeepers and remember when the last time America did win a war anyway...............

BMI reports good for our kids?  Let the schools concentrate on teaching reading, writing, and how to get an order correct at MCDonald's

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