Monday, July 1, 2013

What the Fourth of July Means to Me

   Another year has gone by and we in America have lost more Liberties than one might think. Oh, we will see pictures of someone stomping on the American flag, and thou we may not like it, it is why so many have made their way to America, legally, fought in wars politicians have started, only for the chance to be free....  not to change America. The heroes of our country are not only those who are paid to police, teach, or fight fires.
 While over 50 years ago Americans were fighting Communism, today, we are closer to Socialism and depending who you are, one naughty word uttered years ago could put you right out of business.
  Today, some here are more intent to change America than learn English and practice freedom of religion, which may include the meaning of marriage or the meaning of life.
  Ask a gathering of people in a park what they think of the latest regulation put on small business or who the Secretary of State is and most would smile without a clue of the answer.  But the majority of these same people would know that the meaning of marriage is being changed and that another baby was born to another unwed mother called Kadashian. Is this bad - just a long way from what was important to a family working to make ends meet and staying together not just because is was easier not to.
  America and the Fourth of July still means to me riding my bike with my friends, no helmets or bike trails required.  Freedom to bow head in silent prayer and not be judged as old and out of touch because I choose to be a stay at home mom and raised two fine productive sons while staying married for 47 years in the process.  I will wave the American flag proudly in honor of those who fought so I could wave it.
Happy and Safe Fourth to All.....................What will we look like in three more years?


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  1. Happy Independence Day and all that it means.


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