Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The New America

It wasn't always like this in America and newer is not necessarily better.
While cameras have been installed at every traffic stop it is now known that your government can hear us talking about it!
Did any of the new 'surveillance' stop the Boston Marathon Bombers or foresee the Benghazi attack?
Are you in the group who feels that these tactics, along with gun control, will make for a safer country?
I remember when the Patriot's Act was brought to the public and seen as the way to keep us safe, and so for that matter was removing your shoes before getting on a plane!      
The hard truth is that you can not protect everyone nor have a government so large and filled with people who are unaccountable for flawed decisions and actions. 
It has been tried with EPA and OSHA, to name just a couple of agencies, only to regulate companies out of business or out of the country.
So put on that helmet if you must but not those blinders.  Liberty came at a price and again will not be gained by more rules, bigger government, and loose interpretation of the Constitution.
God Bless America......................  

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  1. Proof the government is full of failures who infringe upon rights in the name of safety and still fail at their mission. I am sick of this leviathan we call the federal government.


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