Monday, February 18, 2013

What will the new currency be?

As our president chooses to play golf instead of govern and our country continues down the same road as Rome did those many centuries ago - ponder this:

According to world news the Russians and the Chinese are buying up as much gold as they can.  The Germans are moving their gold onto German soil. We're not.  And America continues to spend shiploads of money that it does not have.  We just print more and destroy the purchasing power of the dollar.    Who's smart and Who's not?  Who is getting ready for tough times and who is creating the probability of tough times?  But we have money for the Division of Homeland Security to purchase millions of rounds of ammunition to use against Americans if Americans show any displeasure with government stupidity.  Liberals are fond of the idea of "fairness".  Are we being treated fairly?

China's first nuclear power plant has come on line, our Politburo is still fighting amongst themselves on how to limit you from buying a gun.    

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