Friday, February 15, 2013

No sooner were words spoken

      Yes keeping to my promise, I did not watch the president speak the other evening.  I have been watching political and TV commentators dissect it.  Seems I did not miss much - same old, same old. I must be residing on a different planet on in some alternative time zone because where I sit these plans and ideas are just heading us into being a second class country with no work ethic or middle class to be found.
     Just the idea of someone allowing the government to take their child out of the home at age three or four and into the indoctrination of what is called the public school system is in itself a scary thought.  Although the word must have gotten out pre speech because the governor of my sate, fine friend of the president that he is, has shown up for a photo shot slinging this idea.  News travels fast and bad news travels even faster.  Even if for one minute I though this was a good idea, and I do not, how are we suppose to pay the bill?????  Let's allow the parents to take charge of the little ones before the government gets their hands on them, please.

A group of kids gathered in a circle around Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday morning as he read the British children’s book “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney.
Patrick fit the part at the Birth to Three Family Center on Market Street in Ipswich, even taking his shoes off, singing songs and partaking in snack time. He was in town to meet with local officials to talk about his proposed education investment plan, which includes increased spending for early childhood development from birth to 5 years old.
The plan calls for $350 million to go toward early education over the five years, $131 million for next year alone.
“We have to start governing for the next generation,” Patrick said. “That means making the kinds of investments right now that we know are going to build stronger citizens, stronger workers and a stronger community.”
After snack time, Patrick met with Ipswich Superintendent Rick Korb, principals, School Committee members and other officials to discuss the plan.

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