Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shinny Things

SALEM — The first phase of renovations to City Hall wrapped up this week with the installation of copper skylights and vents on the roof of the historic building.
A large crane was needed to lift the material to the top of the 1838 granite and brick building on Washington Street.
The repairs to the leaky roof are being done in the first phase of a $2 million restoration that began last fall. The copper skylights will replace old skylights that leaked and let in only partial light, an official said.
Windows and exterior masonry work will start this spring.

vents      Nothing but the best!  Now if the original skylights leaked, why not take them out altogether and save some money?????  If you took them out they would not leak! 

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  1. Your comment about the sky lights makes sense.When did anything any government do make sense?


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