Wednesday, February 6, 2013

As every government program or service; no accountablity

The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service is moving to stop delivering letters on Saturdays, the Associated Press reports – although it will continue to deliver packages six days a week, and mail will still be delivered to P.O. boxes on Saturdays.
The plan would save the USPS about $2 billion, according to the AP.
The AP reports USPS officials say package delivery is up 14 percent since 2010, while letters and other mail has fallen off in favor of email.
It's not the first time the USPS has advocated for five-day delivery – but Congress, which holds the purse strings on subsidies for postal operations, has rejected such plans in the past. In a June 2011 report to Congress, the Postal Service estimated cutting Saturday mail would save $3.1 billion. That estimate appeared to be based on a plan that would have also cut parcel delivery on Saturdays – a sticking point in the post office's negotiations with Congress.

      This reminds me of all taxes created to pay for bridge repair, trash pickup, school buses and on and on.  We are paying more today and receiving less services.  Why?  Unsustainable and overspending.  I have a budget and you probably have a budget.  All of us tax payers are on the same sinking ship..........our taxes can not increase high enough or fast enough to pay for services.  These monies are now just paying for police, fire, and government pensions.  We, the taxpayer, are shrinking while the government keeps printing those dollars. 

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