Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Obama Wins First Debate"

Yes, that will be in the headlines of the mainstream media tomorrow.  I just thought I would get a jump on it........................
I know tonight is to focus on domestic matters and find that the jobs report today shows employment numbers up! Surprise! or maybe not.
Just found this ad to share:


  1. I'd say Obama won simply because Mitt Romney pushed big government rather than pushing Constitutional Conservative ideas. As he talked 10th Amendment, he also said he would expand that other federal healthcare mandate enforced by the IRS called Medicare. Did you catch that? This was a big government love fest.

  2. Bill, I am not saying that Romney is the most conservative and right person for the job. He is still a politician and at this time he is the best we have (?) to offer.
    So lets break down that brewery at the White House and mulch the garden!


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