Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Was Wrong

Romney won the first debate.  Did you see it last night?  Me too.  I thought Mr. Romney looked and spoke more like the President of The United States than Mr. Obama.  Shame teleprompter was not available along with a well written and rehearsed speech for the President.

I also followed on twitter. One of my tweets referenced Big Bird and that he was big enough to take care of himself.  Hell, I knew Big Bird when he was Little Bird and before he spoke Spanish..... but that is an entirely other story. 

Yes, one debate down and even some Democrats are admitting that Mr. Romney did what he had to last night.  Believe me when I tell you a new president alone is not what we need if we are going to change the course of our country and have people start taking responsibility for themselves.  Congress and the length of time a politician is allowed to stay in office has much to do with it.

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