Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Bird heading South for Retirement

    I am sorry to see and hear that the progressives only see Big Bird as the most important factor to have come out of the recent presidential debate. 
Let's talk about Big Bird and why he should be heading south to retire and enjoy the rest of his days warm, and well feed. I am sure he has a nice little nest egg hidden away on Back Street or even under Oscar's trash can. 
When my kids first found Big Bird and his gang on Sesame Street they were both young and many new government programs were not even hatched as of yet.  No mandatory kindergarten, no mandatory lunch programs in schools, no mandatory breakfast programs in schools, no illegal immigrants in school.   We were home with our kids and were able to watch together between nap time and play time with the neighborhood kids.
With all of the now social programs in schools and kids being taken out of homes at an earlier age and given to the government to care for, cloth, and feed, why do we even need subsidized children's programs on TV?  Oh, did I forget to mention that the government is broke and needs to cut spending money we do not even have.
Well if you want all these social programs and government employees to manage (?) them and if you also want all this subsidized TV programing and you have no more money and have to make some cuts, then where do you start????? 
Please, that is why in communist countries and dictatorships the first people to let go are the elderly, they remember. Hmm, Obamacare and government controlled health care anyone.  Just saying.
So when your country is in the process of falling off a cliff financially, ya have to let go of something.......food, energy, shelter or maybe Big Bird and Cookie Monster?????

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