Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."   -- Thomas Jefferson

     Seems as if government is again trying it's damnedest to make it difficult to do business in Massachusetts.  It is not bad enough that government has installed cameras at every stop light, now  private sector to do the same, all in the interest of the common good, ya right.  
    If you don't spend $60,000.00, we do not let you open your doors.
Now if they do succeed in this extortion, look for more private companies and even private homes to make it mandatory to have cameras also installed.  
Police and Fire departments can stay in the expensive stations and watch everything unfold on closed circuit TV while still receiving a pretty good paycheck and pension after 20 years of service.
   More expenses and less continues.

“Midnight Madness” – the frenzied day-after-Thanksgiving all-night shopping extravaganza at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets – is on the chopping block.
Planning Board members in Wrentham will meet Wednesday to discuss whether to revoke the mall’s permission to open early on Black Friday, the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season. The mall and town officials have so far been unable to resolve a dispute over installing security cameras at the mall.

Wrentham police have asked for the cameras, citing massive Midnight Madness crowds, as well as crimes like shoplifting and armed robbery that have occurred at the mall outside of the event. “Unfortunately, the Wrentham Premium Outlet Mall attracts criminals with lengthy records of serious crime, including gang members,” Police Chief James Anderson wrote in a letter to Planning Board chairman Thomas Wrynn earlier this month.
Anderson also wrote that the mall could be considered a “soft target” by terrorists.
Mall officials have countered that past Midnight Madness events have been mostly incident-free, and argue that the issue of whether to install cameras should be separate from whether the mall should be allowed to open early the day after Thanksgiving.

       Bad people are everywhere. Do the job, arrest them, and keep them off the streets behind bars. The good law abiding citizen should not have to pay (?) for the bad deeds of a few. 


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