Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Class are you in?

If you pay taxes you are in the middle class so why not lower the taxes for the middle class politicians are always talking about and say they want to help.

If you pay high taxes you are probably in the upper class who include the job creators and those who inherited wealth like Senator John Kerry.   Why not lower the taxes for these people as well so they will create more jobs and hire more workers or even buy a high priced car or home.

And if you pay no taxes you probable have no class.  These are the people who depend of government to take care of them from cradle to grave and have not worked in some time if ever.  These people also make the choice to stay home and do nothing rather than take a job with lessor pay or below their class.
This class depend on the middle class and upper class to support them for as long as they see fit.  The fact is the no class is rising while the upper and middle classes are getting smaller or just moving away.

Was that too cruel or just too simple?

 Well, got to get back to work, I too am bringing home less than I did before the depression, I mean recession and I have worked in retail as my second job to just make ends meet.

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  1. Obama talks about wanting to help the middle class. The best thing he could do is to simply 'leave' office. That's the only way that Barack could help the middle class.

    The shouters and marchers -- the eaters of other men's bread, wouldn't be happy if their collectivist leader took the loot he's managed to steal/raise, etc. and vanished from the political scene, but the middle class would rejoice.


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