Monday, August 27, 2012

The Kennedy Family and The Romney a glance

  I watched the interview with Chris Wallace and the Romney Family yesterday morning.  We were brought in their kitchen along with other family members.  We saw a large family playing and cooking together.  We learned that Mitt even irons shirts and prepares pancakes. Hell, Mrs. Romney even shops at Walmart, I believe her, so do I!  Being such a large family, everyone has choirs to do even the youngest grandchild. No help staff at this residence.

Now I live in Kennedy country, a state ruled pretty much by one party.  The Kennedy clan was always depicted by the press as a wonderful family. You would see them throwing footballs around Cape Cod in the summer.  The Kennedy's had some hard times and some were even brought on by themselves.  They had drunk driving and rape charges to boot, but they were all part of this Camelot bunch that the media and liberals loved.

One family inherited it's wealth and one family earned theirs.  One family was brought up Catholic while the other in the Mormon faith.  Both political families but only one can do no wrong in the eyes of a liberal or the press.

I am a registered Independent and a Catholic. I will be voting for a change in Washington this November.  I will be voting for the businessman because I too am in that field.  I do not think for a moment that every day in the life of anyone is perfect by far. I will be voting for the family man who is still married to the women he vowed to be faithful to those many years ago.   My wish would be that ALL politicians were term limited but that at this juncture ................  just wish and a prayer on my part.


  1. The Romneys also shop at Costco. Walmart and Costco are both run by white people. Is that some sort of secret code for RACISM?

    (Yeah, just kidding, but I'm sure that's how the Dems will spin it)

  2. Oh, my, racism also has the letters c, r, a, m, yup, it's a code!


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