Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"it's not the fifties anymore"

      And the point being????
    I grew up in the 50's and 60's and I thought they were pretty good times.
Sure, there were problems, always are.  Moral integrity along with taking responsibility for one's action was the way of life.  Didn't know what that meant back then but do now.
     In school it was good to win the spelling bee and you were not an outcast if you didn't get picked first for the dodgeball team at recess. 
     I can remember handing down outgrown dresses and blouses to my neighbor down the street as I also became the proud owner of my cousin's out grown clothes.  They were new to me!
    If you misbehaved in class (chewing gum or talking) you were sent to the principle's office and then you had to answer to your parents when they got the phone call.  Lunches from home were the rule and if a classmate happened to come without, he would not go hungry as his class would share what they had.
   An unwritten dress code was in order for school and for church.  No jeans, no shorts, and no tee shirts were seen in the classroom.  
   In closing, I do go on, this might seem like dribble to the politically correct bunch but is an important point: no one is forcing a women to make the choice of having an abortion or not.  Some of us are just saying we do not want to pay for it! 


  1. My growing up experiences mirror yours.

    And when I was young, voluntarily killing an unborn baby was murder. Today in our enlightened 'progressive' world, it's quite fashionable. The most dangerous place for a black man in New York is in the womb (African American pregnancies are aborted about 70% of the time).

    In the '50's it would have been unthinkable.

  2. We have forgotten Love Thy Neighbor


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