Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How the Obama government is again "helping" business

Gibson Guitar Settles U.S. Probe of Wood Imports for $350,000

      Yes, you can build it and they will come, the government that is!  Tax the rich and make them poor.  Let us not forget yesterday when the president referred to Mr. Romeny as Robin Hood  in reverse.  I guess that would make Obama a modern day Robin Hood.  Either way, let us be reminded that Robin Hood was a thief!!!

Guitar-maker Gibson Guitar Corp. has agreed to pay $350,000 to avoid U.S. prosecution over allegations it illegally imported endangered wood from India and Madagascar, U.S. officials announced Monday.
"Gibson has acknowledged that it failed to act on information that the Madagascar ebony it was purchasing may have violated laws intended to limit over-harvesting and conserve valuable wood species," Assistant Attorney General Ignacia Moreno said in a statement.
The company also imported rosewood and ebony from India in a potential violation of the U.S. Lacey Act, which protects endangered foreign wood species, the statement from the Justice Department alleged.
Gibson must pay a penalty of $300,000 and an additional $50,000 "community service payment" to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, to be used to promote the conservation of protected tree species, it said.
The company will also withdraw claims to wood, including Madagascar ebony, seized by the government in August 2011. The wood came in a shipment "with a total invoice value of $261,844," the Justice Department said.

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