Thursday, July 19, 2012

     We are not quit there yet, but if this president is elected for a second term, all bets are off on getting spending in check and people working again in the dreaded private sector. 
   The thinking of the socialist mind just drives me crazy.  Overtime, in days gone by, was a win win proposition for both the worker and the business owner. 
     Oh, yes, governments sure are swell at telling risk takers how to run their business, what to pay, who to employ, and how much, if any, one is entitled to keep if any profit is made.  

 A KEY measure of Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency - the exemption of tax and social charges on overtime pay - has been buried by the government in a vote following two days of ferocious debate in the National Assembly.
Sarkozy called it the right to "work more and earn more" but Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called it an "anti-employment" measure: "When an overtime hour costs less than a regular hour who believes that an employeer has an incentive to hire?"



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