Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama and his government building business for all

In today's paper; just another example as to when government creates a new program that is deemed best for the general public.

To the editor:
During the state budget process two months ago, after hours of debate, the 40 state senators voted in a roll call vote against the expansion of the bottle bill.
Last Thursday, this same bill was passed without a roll call vote nor any debate. Even supporters were stunned, and no one knows which senators have changed their votes. If not resolved in the Jobs Bill Conference Committee, this action will result in taxpayers paying an additional $20 million a year.
In the current state budget, according to Sen. Michael Knapik, $25 million in revenue came from unredeemed bottles under the current bottle bill. That is 500 million bottles and cans each year that are not recycled.
Further, while the government is trying to pass restrictions to protect the health of citizens, this proposal will tax healthy options, like water, juice and sports drinks.
Massachusetts was just rated 47th in business climate and 49th in cost of doing business. This is not the time to put an additional burden on local companies, which must use space and labor to administer this program.
We encourage that this be removed from the Jobs Bill Conference Committee.
Dave Andelman
Restaurant and Business Alliance

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