Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Winners Last Night

  Congrats to the Celtics last night and on to Boston ;)  More importantly, congrats to Wisconsin which means a win for small private business who have had to cut jobs and pay the last few years.  I always have said how can the private sector, making less, pay for the public sector, making more????  How did the unions get so out of control in the first place???  When I, the small private contractor see my customers leaving and when a town can charge $7000.00 for a solar job has to come to an end.
  We differ in my family in the belief that it might already be too late to save our country.  But tonight in Wisconsin the light, dim as it may be, still glimmers.  The hope that government can still be made to shrink and we can return to prosperity.  Okay, lets lift those 32 ounce Cokes in the air!!!!!

some good comments in this paper

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