Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thanks for Your Service

Good morning folks.  This story puts my thoughts in conflict.  I support our troops but I also support anyone taking the risk and abiding by all the laws and restrictions to make the decision who to rent to.  Maybe it's me,  I see no reason for a new federal law of this type.  Is there not service people you might not want to rent to, how do you discern between a good tenant and a not so good tenant and is it up to the landlord at all? 

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown will file a bill on Capitol Hill today to make it a federal crime to discriminate against veterans in housing — a “no-brainer” after he read about the dispute between an Iraq veteran and a peace-activist landlady in the Herald, then learned that Massachusetts is one of only two states that offers vets that protection.
“There is no federal protection for veterans. I don’t think that’s appropriate. It should be a no-brainer,” said Brown, a serving Army National Guard officer.

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