Monday, June 18, 2012

How not to create jobs for the Americans who want them

Although jobs and freedoms are dwindling, we are still able to sue.  We are one of the last countries to have a law that if you bring a lawsuit and you loose, you pay.  That said, nothing can stop big government from bring suits when ever and where ever.  If I were queen, the EPA would be the first to go, no suit needed.

Vermont's attorney general, William Sorrell, says the Green Mountain State will join six other state attorneys general suing the federal government for a cleaner fuel standard for motor vehicles.
Sorrell criticized the U.S. government's response to climate change, the Associated Press reports. He said Vermont needs to take action against climate change by adopting a low-carbon fuel standard.
This might be to simple to comprehend, but if you make enough laws on cars we already own or refrigerators or whatever, then we will have to turn to the even more expensive "alternative" brand.  Have you tried recently to get an older air-conditioner repaired?????

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