Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Go to your Room and Don't come out till I tell You!

Boy, I remember those days when one of my boys misbehaved and was sent to their room to reflect on what they did wrong to get them this inhuman punishment.  Back then there were no video games, cell phones or ipads.
I was not thought of as being a bad mother.  I did not do the wrong deed and I did not need to see the errors of my ways. 
Thank you for asking, they are wonderful men with great kids of their own today.
In this world it seems kids are able to make the decisions and even get away with murder.  Well, if not murder at least a misdemeanors three or six times. Even if one commits a crime and death is the verdict, you will be able to last in prison for ten or twenty years on appeals before you finally see your maker, I like to call him God.  Come to think of it, some years ago the people of Massachusetts voted for the death penalty and the smarter than us legislators reversed our vote. 
So don't let your kids grow up to be criminals or they may wind up in solitary confinement or worse yet, death row for twenty years.  Some "expert" advise to follow.  Hope it is not from on of those doctors or prison boards that cleared release of one of those repeat child rapist!

Solitary confinement on trial: senators hear from experts on prison reform

The first-ever congressional hearing on the use of solitary confinement in US prisons has begun in Washington.
Members of the Senate judiciary subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights and human rights are hearing testimony from a range of speakers including a former prisoner who spent years locked alone in his cell for a murder he did not commit, a psychology professor who has studied the effects of long-term prison solitude, a senior prison official who has eschewed his support for the tactic, and a former Republican assemblyman who is at the forefront of the conservative movement for prison reform.
The hearing follows a year in which thousands of prisoners across the country took part in coordinated hunger strike in response to California's extensive use of solitary confinement, and it comes less than one month after an unprecedented class action lawsuit challenged the constitutionality of holding hundreds of men in solitary for a decade or more at the state's Pelican Bay facility.
Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin, chairman of the committee, issued a statement indicating the hearing will "focus on the human rights, fiscal and public safety consequences of solitary confinement in US prisons, jails and detention centers."

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