Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Say we are now a Service Nation

   Our government has been selling our country short for years.  You know how I feel about term limits.  We have term limits on the President but not the Congress.  Many of these rules, regulations, and so called bills have been putting companies out of business for years if not sending the larger ones overseas.  Everyone wants clean air, clean water, good paying jobs?  We in the small business community are losing the battle and it is not always our fault.  I have dealt with China.  They can produce a cheaper product. Is it safe and even better than an American made product? Not always.  China owns our debt and China is proceeding to take away our jobs, but we in some ways are allowing this to happen. 

They write, "Even as thousands literally die from this onslaught of Chinese junk and poison, the American economy and its workers are suffering a no-less-painful 'death to the American manufacturing base.'" They corroborate the shrinking of the manufacturing industry that I wrote about in my book: "America's apparel, textile, and wood furniture industries have shrunk to half their size - with textile jobs alone beaten down by 70%." And, "other critical industries like chemicals, paper, steel, and tires are under similar siege."
Navarro and Autry point out that as a consequence of China's becoming the world's "'factory floor,' it must consume half of the world's cement, nearly half of its steel, one-third of its copper, and a third of its aluminum." Even more alarming is the fact that "by the year 2035, China's oil demand alone will exceed that of total oil production today for the entire world."
To feed its voracious appetite for the world's natural resources, China is practicing its own brand of colonialism that beings with a "Mephistophelean bargain: lavish, low-interest loans to build up the country's infrastructure in exchange for raw materials and access to local markets."
The second chapter goes into detail on "death by Chinese poison." I've been careful in avoiding "made in China" products in the grocery store, but was horrified to find out that Chinese farmers produce 60% of our apple juice concentrate, 50% of our garlic, and a significant amount of "everything from canned pears and preserved mushrooms to honey and royal bee jelly."

  I thought I new quit a bit on China but this article even informed me of things I did not know.  

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