Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sunday, a day of rest..................

Sorry, must go back a few years to relate to this article.
When I was a girl, you would not even hear a lawnmower running on a Sunday, dare say one of those waste of energy blower machines. 
It was just a more peaceful way of life. I am not talking about a rural area either.  Even if you grew up in a one parent household, you still did not use curse words and were not watched by cameras at every street light.  Better now????????? 

(ANSA) - Vatican City, May 16 - Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday made an appeal during his general audience to keep Sunday as "a day of rest, dedicated to strengthening family ties".
The pontiff referred to the May 15 celebration of the United Nations International Day of Families and underlined the need to balance "work and family life".
Speaking in Italian from St. Peter's Square, Pope Benedict reminded the crowd that work "should not be an obstruction to family, but support and unite it".

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