Friday, April 13, 2012

War on Women

Hi, I'm back, did I miss anything, I was busy making cupcakes.
About this war on women crap.  Is the war about me not paying for women's contraception or for me not paying for sugar and flour and cooking lessons????
I was proud and happy, back in the 70's, to stay home with my two boys.  We did not have two cars and we did not spend much time at the Shopping Center ( that is the Mall these days ) but we did have supper together most nights and the boys did homework at the kitchen table under watchful eyes.
 Back in the 60's and 70's you got married to have and raise a family, was that a bad or misguided thing?  I know times are different, but haven't we created this monster ourselves when we gave the government more say in our daily jobs and a pass on the fact that there is always winners and losers and your fate is, in the end, up to you?  That said, I do not mind giving people a hand up but I can not afford to take care of so many people, per government mandates.  The strongest thing we have in this country is family and family values but please do not tell me what my values should be or to stop making that is work!
Have a nice weekend, I am heading out of time for an old fashion wedding!

Planned Parenthood Seeks Dismissal of Illegal Abortion Charges

Evidently there are many women that are not taking advantage of the free contraception policies?

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  1. I thought weddings were a thing of the past and we'd all moved on to civil unions and as for inconvenient children -- there's always planned parenthood. Those are hallmarks of the ObamaNation.


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