Thursday, April 12, 2012

Haitian farmers call on US to stop subsidizing its own

As I have been saying for months, we are building a country of poor people.  No incentive to achieve to the top of one's ability, you will be labeled rich, and hated and taxed more.  We can not compete with the world and will be forced to lower our standards of living to compete at all and that is why we will see little improvement in manufacturing coming back to this country or of owners who are sending jobs across the pond.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Deep within Haiti’s beautiful Artibonite Valley, a man wades barefoot through loose mud that comes up to his knees. Bending over, he takes individual strands of rice seed from a clump in one hand, stuffing them quickly into the mud one by one.
Were he a hopeful man, Denis Jesu-car, 32, would tell you that four months from now, he’ll be rewarded with a few large sacks of rice that he can then sell in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, earning him enough to buy food until the next harvest season and send his children to school.
But Jesu-car is no longer hopeful. That’s because this farmer who rents a small plot of land he tends without modern tools or fertilizer is competing with giant American rice companies that produce hundreds of thousands of tons of better quality rice — and ship them to Haiti at artificially low prices.
“Artibonite used to be rich, but now it’s poor,” he says. “We produce rice, but it doesn’t sell.”

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