Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The United States Once had a Leather Industry and a Fishing Industry

    Many years ago people in the northeast would put up with the long, cold winters because we had many jobs here.  We had jobs where even the poorly educated, and high school drop-outs and those who choose not to go to college could make a good wage and raise a family.  Those jobs are gone, part because of federal government control and regulations.  One the other hand, we have a higher percentage of kids that do not even graduate high school so how are we to train them in any new industry?, Gloucester, MA

A new, expedited assessment of Gulf of Maine cod will be conducted this year for use in setting 2013 catch limits.
But a fishing industry leader is predicting continued consolidation of the fleet, and is fearful that, after this year's 22 percent cut in the allowable cod catch, the worst by far is still to come.
The extent of the new assessment will not be determined until after the New England Fishery Management Council's meeting in two weeks, a spokeswoman for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday.
On the heels of the 2011 assessment report that set the industry on its heels, the decision to conduct another Gulf of Maine cod assessment was mentioned almost as an afterthought in the announcement last week of the 22 percent cut in the 2012 catch limit for Gulf of Maine cod.

Back story:   Many businesses; restaurants, plumbers, mechanics, hotels, electricians, and us, do work for companies involved with the fishing industry

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