Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teaparty Sunday in Boston

   Was at the monthly Teaparty gathering last night.  Because of business obligations, we are not able to make every meeting.  Way back two years ago when first light of the Teaparty emerged, it was the government over spending that was the so called battle cry of the enlistees.    Like every other group ever formed, there seems to be some squabbling among the different state members and social issues are being debated.  We have a large rally planned for Sunday on Boston Common and have been warned (?) that occupy Boston along with gay rights groups will be also attending.  I say the more the merrier and we certainly should be able to coexist.
This year we are also advertising the event as family oriented and small children will be in attendance.  Here's hoping a calm and peaceful day will be had for all, Heaven knows there is enough wrong with our political system for much protest and the people in the park on Sunday are not the enemy, but concerned that we halt the way our country is progressing soon...................... we do not become Greece.


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