Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Official: Public workers’ questionable jobless benefits add up

Payouts for teachers, cops, crossing guards, firefighters and other public employees accused of milking Massachusetts’ jobless-benefits system will total well into the seven-figure range, according to a local official whose plea for reform last week, along with a series of Herald reports, snowballed into a statewide investigation of taxpayer-financed unemployment-insurance abuse.
“I think we’re talking millions,” said Lynnfield Town Administrator William Gustus, whose objection to a retired cop’s jobless claim led him and two dozen colleagues across the state to fire off a plea for help to Gov. Deval Patrick. “There are cases like this in many, many communities.”
Local leaders are compiling their cases — and totaling the payouts they’ve made — in response to a letter from state labor chief Joanne F. Goldstein, who has asked officials in each city and town for information on jobless benefits awarded to several groups of employees under questionable or disputed circumstances.


          Sounds like Europe to me!

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