Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mine is bigger than yours..............

   Or gone are the days of small business and in this world economy the game is how much money the tax payer will donate to companies to make sure they can survive or at the least stay in business.  Gone are the days of a better product and fair competition through the simple bidding process.

 The United States said Monday that the World Trade Organization has confirmed that Europe's unfair trade subsidies to aircraft maker Airbus have dwarfed U.S. aid to Boeing.
By contrast, the European Commission said the WTO appeal ruling confirmed billions of dollars in U.S. subsidies to Boeing were illegal under WTO rules.
"This decision is a tremendous victory for American manufacturers and workers -- and demonstrates the Obama administration's commitment to ensuring a level playing field for Americans," Ron Kirk, the U.S. Trade Representative, said in a statement before a WTO appeals panel published its findings.
"It is now clear that European subsidies to Airbus are far larger -- by multiples -- and far more distortive than anything that the United States does for Boeing," he said.
The U.S. highlighted that the WTO had found last May that the European Union gave Airbus $18 billion in subsidized funding that resulted in lost market share and sales of 342 U.S.-made large civil aircraft.

Next, more or your money to any still in business solar panel manufacturers in the states to compete with the forces and industry in China.

 Audit cites risk in DOE loan program

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