Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Only Legal if the Government can collect Taxes on it.....

     Like many other states, Massachusetts, one party controlled government, is always looking for more dollars to run the state.  Gambling has taken a front seat and will now be allowed in the state and will be the tax hero to all the states money worries.  Not much snow this year which resulted in "surplus" cash from the snow removal fund being applied to the bankrupt commuter rail and bus system.  The problem I see is that people are not rushing to the casinos like in past years.   That being said, does not stop the fact that every businessman here and out of state, along with Indian trips, are rushing in with plans for casinos.
Freetown, Lakeville sites eyed for tribe casino

 Foxwoods casino down on its luck

The tribe's Foxwoods casino, the largest in the Western Hemisphere, allowed members to live without concern for money, generating shared revenue stipends that once exceeded $100,000 annually for each adult.
This month, with Foxwoods struggling with debt exceeding $2 billion, payments to members stopped. The tribe has opened a food pantry for needy families, counselors have provided guidance on how to pursue jobs and members have been left to ponder the end of what once seemed a sure bet.



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