Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It could happen here

  How sad this article is.  I am told we are a world economy. Does it also mean we are a world of nit-wits and should act like robots, to be dictated to by a few?  I am just inclined to say we should do away with second and third prices, of any type, no need, we do not recognize personal individuality or achievement anymore.

British government will argue against right to wear crucifix at work

The British government is prepared to argue against the right of employees to wear a crucifix while at work.
In a case pending before the European Court of Human Rights, two women have argued that they were the victims of religious discrimination because they were told not to wear crosses at work. The government plans to argue against the women’s case, the Daily Telegraph has revealed.
The government will argue that because Christians are not obliged by their faith to wear a cross, it is not an infringement on their religious liberty to forbid them from doing so.


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