Thursday, March 15, 2012

Government employees getting hurt on the Job

Unwin, a Federal Bureau of Prisons employee for 16 years, hasn’t worked since. He doesn’t have a full range of motion in his right shoulder, he said, and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He has short-term memory problems, sleeps irregularly and faces seizure risks.
The saving grace: He is covered by a 96-year-old compensation program for injured federal workers. Under the Federal Employees Compensation Act of 1916 (FECA), he receives 75 percent of his former salary, tax-free; his monthly income is within a few hundred dollars of his previous salary.
Legislation pending in the U.S. Senate, however, ultimately would cut Unwin’s benefits and could affect many other government workers — especially those with modest incomes — in the future.

      Try being employed in the dreaded private sector.  Time to revisit the 96 year old compensation program and cut it, not increase the benefits.  Tax free money for the rest of your life?  Sounds great.
How can any company compete with government give-a-way programs and increases to those of us left that do pay taxes.  It was reported today on the news that people retired will now be eligible to collect food stamps!  U N S U S T A I N A B LE
Back to the real question, who really thinks that any new president or politician can stop this spending frenzy???? 

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