Friday, January 27, 2012

Volunteer to run government

 Yes, Europe now realizes that they can not afford socialism and have to do some quick changing and volunteerism is the new catch word.
Here the price of permitting in cities and towns is going up substantially.  With what construction jobs that are proposed, companies are paying 5 to 10 per cent of the entire building cost for just a permit to build the darn thing.  Companies from out of state are finding out how cumbersome and pricey the permitting process can be.


The Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, has called for volunteers to man municipal installations and facilities, so they can ‘return something to society’.

She made a call to the Madrid people on Thursday, ‘given the exceptional situation we find ourselves in’, referring to the recession and the lack of money in the City Hall, that we have a series of public facilities which we have built, but now find ourselves unable to run. She said the idea of volunteers was ‘imaginative’ and means that the facilities can continue open and become profitable. It’s expected that cultural and social centers will be at the center of the plan.

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