Friday, January 27, 2012

High School Graduates

  FACT:   30%, on average, of our kids do not even graduating from high school. Would not the money (if we really had this money) be better spent in the hands of the tax payer to do what he or she sees fit in the education of their child.  You can lead a child to school but can not make him learn.  Passing out dollars does not change the fact that kids are not graduating form high school. 

Obama College Aid Proposal Puts a Focus on Affordability

 Under the plan, which the president is expected to outline on Friday morning in a speech at the University of Michigan, the amount available for Perkins loans would grow to $8 billion, from the current $1 billion. The president also wants to create a $1 billion grant competition, along the lines of the Race for the Top program for elementary and secondary education, to reward states that take action to keep college costs down, and a separate $55 million competition for individual colleges to increase their value and efficiency.


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