Monday, January 23, 2012

Trash talking

    You may linger or pass me by for today.................. I will be trash talking. 

The newest law in town takes effect this week.  Rethinking my first option of dressing in black in the middle of the night and heading to my neighbor's house with my trash on trash day, I decided to march in line with all the other citizens that feel it their duty and obligation to safe the planet by recycling.  Now, don't hate me because I am beautiful nor because I am surrendering to the government.  I also feel for my husband who has enough to do (he should be retired) and doesn't need to be dumpster diving at his age.

This brings me to the reminder that I received over the weekend stuffed in with my electric bill.  If this recycling scheme is the way to go, why not just regress to the ways when I was a girl, burn the trash and dump the garbage?  And in my pamphlet it says, and I quote, "glass, cans, and plastic can comingle."  What the hell does comingle mean and is it safe or even wise? Will the trash police be also carrying rulers to measure cardboard to make sure it is properly cut and wrapped?  Oh no, I think we can do better than this. We should have separate bins/barrels for paper, for tin, for plastic, for wood, for kitty litter!  Yes, just line the street, on what used to be called trash day, with container after container. Wind, snow, rain, whatever...  Wait, I am already rethinking this and might just go with my first plan, my husband looks better in black than I do!  Stay tuned, pictures to follow.

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