Saturday, January 14, 2012

Main or Bain, that is the question

Wake up! If your business is in a holding company and it is not producing it has to be closed, shareholders money on the line.
If your company is held by the union or government, you are still not in charge of bad performance and I have to keep paying to keep it open i.e. the post office and Amtrak.......ALL Americans lose!
The Democratic party must have infiltrated the Republican election troop and are smiling because of the stupid fighting amongst them and not making this loser president the main target of their attack ads.
In closing, please do the research yourself and do not count on the TV or the written press to tell you the truth or ALL the truth.     TALK IS CHEAP  

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  1. I find it sad Republicans like Newt are attacking Mitt on capitalism. It would be nice if they pointed out Mitt Romney is a liberal who doesn't know much about the Constitution, but they can't because Newt has embraced many of the same leftist positions, which is why he is attacking capitalism.


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