Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Congress: The Jokes on Us

   Please, all the talk today is that the "average" working person will lose $1000.00 out of their pay check if Congress does not pass the payroll tax. Yes that is a lot of money to some people, but is extending unemployment really going to create jobs or just stop those from looking.
  The talk should be today on how much Congress men and women get compensated for stock tips and why they leave public service much wealthier than they came into public service.  Let us all take a closer look to what is added to this bill and added to other bills just to get them passed on the floor and sooth us little people.   
  The jig is up!  Let's demand now that the tax rules get overhauled now, completely, and not just spot fixed for a couple of months to make some politician look like he cares and is doing the job that we pay lots of money for him or her to do...............

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