Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another One Bits the Dust

  Seems still another Solar Company is shutting down.  Does this mean Solar is completely a none issue in the alternative energy field or is it the sign of the times and  too pricey for most of us to take advantage of.
We have installed many privately funded commercial systems, but just keeping the roof over one's head is the first concern of most home owners in today's economy.  Towns and Cities are mandated by our government to provide that a percentage of power comes form Solar, but again, that is you and me paying per government regulations, laws, and added fees.

After 40 years and multiple efforts to remain commercially viable, parent company BP has decided to exit the business entirely, according to spokesperson Robert Wine.
BP Solar had already closed manufacturing in the U.S., Spain, and Australia in an effort to lower costs. In July, it said it would only pursue only larger projects, rather than residential and commercial rooftop installations.

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